Strategic Marketing Programmes

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Strategic Marketing Programmes

The purpose of the strategic marketing programme is to:

  • Identify the strategic and competitive business lines at a corporate level and at a functional level
  • Practically apply the strategies.
  • Evaluate and control the implementation of the strategies.

In Stravalue, we define and manage together with our clients the following Strategic Marketing Programmes:

  • Unique selling proposition – as the foundation and basis of the competitive advantage.
  • Product and Service: product portfolio, packaging and service strategy.
  • Pricing and value offering: pricing strategy for different online and offline sales channels and accordingly to: whether the company is following a differentiation or cost strategy, the requirements set by the distribution channels, the desired brand positioning and the market and industry reality.
  • Omnichannel distribution: distribution strategy and identification and management of all partners involved in the process of taking the product from the brand’s origin to the national / international final customer.
  • Integrated marketing communication: defining communication contents and messages and the right mix of communication tools: push / pull and offline / online (crossline), that allows the company to build brand awareness, positioning and sales in different distribution channels.

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