Stravalue International Key Drivers

SI Key Drivers

Our main purpose in Stravalue is to work with our clients in developing their business internationally, starting with the definition of the strategy up until its development, including selecting the most suitable international markets for the Brand, the business, the value proposal and the competitive advantage of our clients.

It is our belief that entrepreneurs and companies need fresh ideas (in continuous development), in order to keep on building international business and this is why, in Stravalue, we defined 4 methodological Drivers = International Key Drivers.

We share with you our always updated formula of success in international business, as a result of our multi-market and multi-industry experience with clients, which we feel gives an answer to the question: Which are the common contents and framework for selling and branding in international markets in the following scenarios?

  1. A starting international business
  2. A growing and consolidating international business plan
  3. A market-implementation plan for a consolidated international market



Driver 1, Taking Off?

Yes, “Developing International Business”, has the following mandatory elements which compound the success formula: the involvement of the General Manager, a competitive business model, a team with technical and international skills and an independent international budget. It also notable that the most successful international businesses are those where the general manager has a complete international agenda including international network and business trips and a vision to develop new business development formulas, especially for new and complex international markets.

Focusing on this first Driver, we can answer the question: Which are common contents and methodology for the following increasing business scenarios? Doing International – Growing in International – Setting up your company in a foreign market.

So, which is the key to enjoy, learn and grow in international business in 2020?

Yes, developing your international strategy has some minimum requirements to obtain the success formula for 2020

  1. brand with something meaningful to transmit
  2. An internal or external team, with experience, technical knowledge and international competencies
  3. The company´s General Manager (or entrepreneur´s ) engagement to sustain the international strategy
  4. international marketing plan = As a learning process while focusing on actions
  5. A different international budget


Driver 2, De-construct?

The next step in our international drivers, is to have the technical and creative ability to de-construct and re-build (while assuming the risk), the brand´s value proposal. This means to de-construct the company´s values and re-construct it taking into account: marketing researchbusiness opportunitiescompetitorssales channels and potential clients / consumers in the international markets. In our international network, we know an outdoor design company where the international marketing team had to re-imagine and re-create its outdoor furniture in order to adapt to new climates from other international markets.

Yes, De-Constructing and Re-Constructing is a Creative Task and quite worthwhile in international business.

  1. Having an international market focus: supply / competitors and demand / clients. Supply and demand specific for your brand
  2. Having the creative and technical ability (while assuming the risk), to de-construct the market value from country of origin and de-construct the value for the target market
  3. Having the will and motivation to learn from the target market and to be an entrepreneur in that market, keeping the best expertise, values and learning from the country of origin and the brand of origin, while converting them in relevant value for the target market.


Driver 3, Crossline (online and offline) Sales and Marketing?

With this driver we answer the question of to become part of the global digital economy? Yes, we are already in the era of the multi-channel (online + offline) business. The companies which take advantage from this driver, are those which: (1) Develop sales and branding through online and offline channels; (2) Have activity in global social networks; (3) Are aware that the international consumers buys products through online and offline channels. For us, is revealing the example of an IT company, where the general manager stated: “I already sale online, in an international marketplace, buy I don´t really know why…”; we agreed with him that he also needed an offline support in order to offer service to the customer who purchased the products online.

To sum up, yes, we are now in the age of Crossline and Digital branding: successful companies or those that will be successful in 2020:

  1. Practice International Digital Branding, and develop their brand = perceptions + differentials + culture + image. And they do it both ways Offline + Online = International Crossline
  2. They have an international social community as their network and active presence in social global networks while generating their own contents from their expertise and while also being aware that the “International Social Word of Mouth” is the most powerful tool to generate references (Brand Knowledge and International Sales), from the expert, partner, consumer or prosumer point of view
  3. They know that today´s consumer is a Prosumer, meaning he is a Producer and a Consumer, whose ideas should be listened to and integrated in the process of Developing the Brand and International Sales


Driver 4, Cross-Cultural teams?

Do we have a team that is prepared and motivated to work with the reality of international markets? With this driver, we underline the need to create cross-cultural teams, with the skills to communicate, work and develop business with companies and people from other cultures. This is why is highly recommended to include in our teams people who are close to the culture of the market we wish to attend, and it´s not just about knowing the language, but to have lived and worked in that particular market.

Yes, this is a vital and very profitable element (from our experience), in our updated success formula in International.
The International Culture of the team in charge of international development = Competences and Know How such as:

  1. Cross-Cultural talent, meaning the ability to understand other cultures, other consumers and other partners
  2. Knowledge of the business environment of each market, meaning to live and breathe the Glocal reality: Global + Local
  3. International Innovation and Creativity Skills
  4. International Win-Win Negotiation skills


In Stravalue, we keep on working and reinventing our international success formula, so we´ll keep you updated about our latest ever-changing International Key Drivers.