Know Stravalue

Brand visuals:

  = Stravalue International

  = Logo

What is behind our logo? Which are the strategic dimensions of our logo?



Brand benefits for the client:

  = Tailored Made

If I am a SI client, I will receive a personalized service, a personal and face to face treatment and I will benefit from periodical meeting, where the SI team will attend my business development and marketing needs.

  = Agility

If I am a SI client, I will receive an immediate, professional and agile answer and I will be treated in a professional manner.

  = Ethics

If I am a SI client, I have the confidence that all activities are legal and legitimate, and that I will always be treated in a respectful manner.

  = Professionalism

If I am a SI client, I will receive a professional, well documented and factive service, based on quantitative and qualitative data and also, based on years of experience.

  = Strategy

If I am a SI client, I will receive a strategic and rigorous service, based on a long term vision, which will allow my brand to define objectives, priorities and strategies.

  = Creativity

If I am a SI client, I will receive creative solutions to my company´s needs, being able to develop a different marketing positioning, a higher added value for my clients and more sales.

  = Integral Service

If I am a SI client, I will be receiving an integral strategic service, because SI is not only marketing, Si is value for my entire organization/ company.


Brand differential:

  = Exclusiveness

In SI, we believe in exclusiveness and that is why we offer a service tailored to our clients’ needs. We believe in quality, not in quantity.

  = Long term vision

In SI, we believe in sustained results, and because of that, we always think in objectives, priorities and long term results.

  = Dynamism

In SI, we believe in a permanent orientation towards market tendencies and towards clients´ needs.

  = Innovation

In SI, we believe in a permanent reinvention and actualization through/by learning from our clients´ experience, through training and business trips in the most interesting current and strategic leading markets.

  = Balance

In SI, we believe in balance between strategic rigor and creative innovation.

  = Multiculturalism

In SI, we believe in diversity, permanent learning and multicultural visions. In SI, we are different by culture, united by diversity.


Brand Personality:

  = Personality

SI = Exclusive, Strategic, Technical, Rigorous, Professional, Etical, Creative, Dynamic, Multicultural, Agile, Open – minded, Continuously learning, Opened to challenges, Long term vision.